H E L L O  &  W E L C O M E !

The GREEN GARAGE STUDIO is a small independent design studio specializing in handmade accessories & custom apron apparel, located in the Historic Tremont neighborhood west of downtown, in Cleveland Ohio.

Vintage Inspired. Sustainably Modern.

Built With Purpose & Durable Style.

Sourcing quality materials with a focus on     made in USA + reclaimed components.                          

Limited Edition. One of a Kind. 

Angela Ben-Kiki is the sole proprietor and ceative designer at GGS with a passion
for sustainability, all things vintage and ecological gardening.

The Green Garage Studio was born during her off-season of gardening. She began creating one of kind handmade goods bags during the cold winter months in Cleveland while at home as a full time mom.

Her style is inspired by the practicality of quality vintage design. With a simple clean aesthetic of form and function, her detailed crisp top-stitching shines as the details on her limited edition handmade goods.



Thank you for stopping by!
Kind regards, Angela   


2301 west 11 st | tremont | cleveland ohio 44113  (216) 650-3515 




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